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photo CHARM CITY, East – This Sunday a few church members entered into their church premise with raised eye brows as they saw a new FORMULA ONE car parked in the church car park.

They soon got an answer when the church service started and their pastor gave them the simple explanation they were all waiting for.

“God told me that he wants me to be rich. He wanted me to start by making  positive confessions,” said the man of God. “So, since I have always liked high powered racing cars that I see on television so I ran and laid my hands on this Formula one car and claimed it. Uh, I intend to use it for the ministry of course .”

“I didn’t have the money to place a deposit but I didn’t have to worry – God told me to quickly sell the church organ.



CITY, Middle West – A suave prosperity preacher was driven out of town by an irate crowd recently. The crowd got restless when they realised his message was different from what the Bible says.

The crowd in the market place started shouting, “give us the true gospel!”

To which the preacher relied, “I have another gospel. I don’t preach Jesus or the cross any more. But my message will make you feel good about yourself. You will make more money and have your best life now!”

The crowd begged him, ” please tell us about the gospel only!”

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Two prosperity preachers walk into a church; but meet up afterwards….



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