Prosperity preacher hounded out of town!

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Jesus gave me money, Prosperity Gospel, Satire
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CITY, Middle West – A suave prosperity preacher was driven out of town by an irate crowd recently. The crowd got restless when they realised his message was different from what the Bible says.

The crowd in the market place started shouting, “give us the true gospel!”

To which the preacher relied, “I have another gospel. I don’t preach Jesus or the cross any more. But my message will make you feel good about yourself. You will make more money and have your best life now!”

The crowd begged him, ” please tell us about the gospel only!”

“First sow a seed into my pocket. The bigger the seed, the more God will bless you to become a millionaire. My God wants to make all of you millionaires!” Announced the preacher.

“So do we have to buy this ‘blessing’?”


At this point the crowd got listless and hounded the young maverick out of the town. He was last seen driving at break neck speed out of the small town as the crowds begged him earnestly to kindly give them the true gospel alone.


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