Pastor sells Church organ and buys himself Formula One car- because God told him to do so.

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Celebrity pastors, Jesus gave me money, Pastors gone wild, Prosperity Gospel, Satire, word of faith
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photo CHARM CITY, East – This Sunday a few church members entered into their church premise with raised eye brows as they saw a new FORMULA ONE car parked in the church car park.

They soon got an answer when the church service started and their pastor gave them the simple explanation they were all waiting for.

“God told me that he wants me to be rich. He wanted me to start by making  positive confessions,” said the man of God. “So, since I have always liked high powered racing cars that I see on television so I ran and laid my hands on this Formula one car and claimed it. Uh, I intend to use it for the ministry of course .”

“I didn’t have the money to place a deposit but I didn’t have to worry – God told me to quickly sell the church organ.

I knew immediately it was the will of God because how else would you explain how easily I got rid of that large church organ?” explained the pastor amidst several “Amen!” shouts from his family members in the congregation.

“I have big faith so I got a big engine. I don’t have bicycle faith,” he continued. “Now, if you want to take a selfie with me near my engine I will charge you a small fee because God also told me I must get some more money to finish the payments on this gadget!”

Some youths at the back of the church were not happy with this last bit of information but decided not to question the man of God lest God changed his mind on their own Grand Prix cars. The deacons hastily agreed that surely a visionary like their pastor deserves the 900 horse power vehicle that can reach a maximum speed of 225mph; after all it would bring the pastor to church in time. Wouldn’t it?

“Vanity! I hope  he doesn’t drive like hell or else he will soon reach there,” muttered a disgruntled geezer said to be the church organist as he slowly crawled past with a walking stick and bible firmly tucked under his arm.

Now the church has to recruit a squad of thirty ushers to guard the car during Sunday service lest idle and wayward teenagers take selfies with the pastor’s car for free.


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