Walking to church with a pinhead-sized nano Bible soon!

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Christianity, News
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pinhead bibleSo, this week we were made to learn that the tiniest Bible has been created by using an ion beam on the head of a silicon chip the size of a pin head. Yes, apparently….

A copy of the Hebrew Bible the size of a pinhead has gone on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

The so-called Nano Bible is the smallest version in the world.

It consists of over 1.2 million letters carved on a gold-plated silicon chip by engineers using an ion beam.

The “book” is being exhibited as part of events marking the Museum’s 50th anniversary.

The hi-tech creation is being housed in the museum’s Shrine of the Book, home to the Dead Sea Scrolls – the oldest copies of Biblical texts ever found.

Well the biggest question now is how soon can I get to see this new pin sized thingy in the nearest pulpit? Hmmm!


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