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Batusangkar, Indonesia: A jockey spurs cows as they race in muddy rice fielCHARM CITY – A church member who missed paying his tithe for the first time in five years was disciplined by his pastor by asking him to ride two bulls through a ten mile stretch on the banks of local river. The incident occurred last month when Pocoyo’s only five year old daughter fell sick and the fisherman had to use his meager earnings to cover health expenses.

“I have to pay for my sins,” said Pocoyo. “I was told I had robbed God of his money and didn’t have enough faith. That’s why all these things are happening to me. But I hope after riding those bulls through the river I will have atoned for my sins.”

Unfortunately it was reported that the senior pastor had not witnessed Pocoyo’s endurance race the first time and he will have to ride the two bulls again this weekend. The pious man is still keen to make amends and to “increase his faith” has in fact paid up his tithe for the next month in advance.


soccerSAO PAULO, Brazil – A Brazilian soccer player returning from Scotland after spending over ten years away from his church was irked to receive an letter from his local church demanding he pays up his tithes. Well not only his tithe for the month but back dated ones for the last ten years! Keffa Dolarinho is a member of the Universal Church of the Apostles of God that discovered a little known verse in the New Testament that commands Christians to obey God by tithing (and back dated tithing).