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iron-manCHARM CITY GUANTANAMO – A set of customized Iron man like suits have been issued for sale to Christians in persecuted countries. Another bunch has been commissioned to be used by missionaries.

This has come against a tide of recent onslaught of bitter persecution to Christians especially in Western Africa, Middle East and Korean peninsula. The gifts were received with much appreciation.

“Now we are completely protected. I tried on a suit and walked into a barrage of bullets and didn’t even flinch,” reported an excited pastor whose church building was burned down the week before. “Surely, now I know I can put my faith in the arm of flesh! In fact it’s so safe that I already stopped praying to God to protect us after getting my kit!”



torn bibleSEOUL, South Korea – This month marked a special occasion for two Christan brothers. Kim and Jong are two brothers in their late twenties who got to meet once again at a family reunion after being separated for the last fifteen years.

Kim lives in North Korea; a place where Christians are persecuted and being found with a Bible could cause you to be taken to a concentration camp. Jong on the other hand lives in Seoul, the largest urban metropolis of South Korea.

On Sunday as the two brothers prepared to go to church, Kim recounted how they usually have to memorise whole pages of torn and worn-out Bible texts that have been handed down from house to house and hand to hand.

“I still don’t own a full Bible but have a page from the book Romans,” quipped Kim as they finally reached Jong’s church.

The first scene of the church service took the visitor completely by surprise.