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dogs-and-theologyCHARM CITY Sheffield – A man who has always denied the existence of God and the after life suddenly realised his folly on Wednesday evening when his door key accidentally flew over fence and landed in an empty bowl. But this was no ordinary bowl -it belonged to Luther, the neighbour’s ever grumpy and angry muscle ripped hound.

Just as the hapless man was about to lean over the fence to scoop out his keys, his eyes met with something. There were two glistening beady eyes peering over a notice he had always ignored.


More so the athletic canine seemed to have broken his leash!


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soccerSAO PAULO, Brazil – A Brazilian soccer player returning from Scotland after spending over ten years away from his church was irked to receive an letter from his local church demanding he pays up his tithes. Well not only his tithe for the month but back dated ones for the last ten years! Keffa Dolarinho is a member of the Universal Church of the Apostles of God that discovered a little known verse in the New Testament that commands Christians to obey God by tithing (and back dated tithing).


torn bibleSEOUL, South Korea – This month marked a special occasion for two Christan brothers. Kim and Jong are two brothers in their late twenties who got to meet once again at a family reunion after being separated for the last fifteen years.

Kim lives in North Korea; a place where Christians are persecuted and being found with a Bible could cause you to be taken to a concentration camp. Jong on the other hand lives in Seoul, the largest urban metropolis of South Korea.

On Sunday as the two brothers prepared to go to church, Kim recounted how they usually have to memorise whole pages of torn and worn-out Bible texts that have been handed down from house to house and hand to hand.

“I still don’t own a full Bible but have a page from the book Romans,” quipped Kim as they finally reached Jong’s church.

The first scene of the church service took the visitor completely by surprise.