Popular standup comedian wins open mic competition and gets tipped to become pastor

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Christianity, Satire
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DJIBOUTI – A popular comedian who won the city’s biggest talent search competition has been lined up to become pastor of one of the largest churches in town.

Kazinda who was given different topics to talk about had every one in stitches. Even camera men were doubled over in laughter as he took no prisoners.

“I have got a decision to make seeing that I have three big churches who want me to be their pastor,” said a jovial Kazinda. “It shouldn’t be difficult. Which ever church pays more will have me in their pulpit by Sunday.”

A weasel at weaving words and smooth with poetry the young man charmed his audience when given a microphone.

“I hope he comes to our church!” said an excited deacon.

“Just imagine how entertaining our church services will be! We may finally even start a live television broadcast and imagine how popular going to church will become! The end justifies the means.”

It’s not yet known which church may win the popular funny man’s signature but the word in the vine is that a wealthy circus owner has approached Kazinda too. The demand for the comedian has brought life in the little town to a stand still – The Floating Axehead will try to update you on his final decision after he returns from his extended holidays in the Caribbeans.


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