Visiting Calvinist pastor smoked out of mega church

Posted: February 25, 2017 in Christianity, Satire
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A Free Syrian Army fighter in AleppoCHARM CITY, Texas – This Sunday was rather unusual in a mega church that is known to attract celebrities and high flying personalities. The pastor of the church decided to invite an old school friend whom he hadn’t seen for a while to preach in his pulpit.

“I didn’t know the guy was a Calvinist. I swear I would not have invited him if I knew this would happen!” lamented the pastor.

Apparently the visiting pastor began to preach on man’s total depravity and on “sin and unrighteousness”, he even asked the congregation to repent so as to flee the wrath to come. The sermon however did not go down well with the usually fun loving laid back congregation. A section of the congregation stood up and in one accord revolted against the visitor.

Witnesses say there were stones thrown, eggs and even a dead cat at the man who had to make a hasty exit through the backwall. The Floating Axehead will try to get in touch with this rare visitor as soon as we get his whereabouts.


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