News Anchor weeps on live TV after hearing Evolution’s missing link may never be found.

Posted: February 20, 2017 in News, Satire
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news caster

CHARM CITY, Durban – Today it was  falsely rumored that paleontologists may have finally found ‘the missing link’. The ever elusive “missing link” is said to be the gap in the fossil record purported to be from a transitional life form between any animal and its supposed evolutionary ancestor.

“Have we finally found any missing link? Have we?” asked the initially excited and curious news anchor.

“No! Umm…We are still searching. We may probably never find these theoretical transitional forms that we have always believed existed but er…Give us a few more billion years. Oh! Look at the time… I gotta go…Gotta run,” came the answer from the top paleontologist as the line went dead.

“Nothing again? Nothing to prove we evolved from fish to frogs and then to apes and to man? N-o-o-o-o-o missing link y-y-yet?” sobbed the young man uncontrollably. The program had to go for a prolonged advert break as the news team offered their colleague some much needed counselling.

The Floating Axehead  continues to hunt high and low for any news on any observable evidence to back evolution’s missing links theory. Even one small fossil may cheer up our news presenter.


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