Island of Vanuatu sends missionaries and church planters to New York

Posted: February 19, 2017 in Christianity, Satire
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VANUATU, South Pacific Ocean – A deeply concerned pastor on the small South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has put together a band of missionaries and church planters to spread the gospel to America.

Pastor Lolu says he was troubled when he heard that in America there are churches where people gather in great numbers but the name of Jesus is not mentioned.

“I think some one has sown a different gospel in this land far far away,” lamented the pastor, “we will begin our journey by boat and it may take us a couple of months in the rough waters.”

The man of God was troubled when he heard from a tourist who also called himself a “Christian” that sometimes they have services where they don’t mention the name of Jesus or even read from the Bible. This may offend and upset some new comers he explained.

The visitor came from a large church with over 30,000 church members. When quizzed further on what they believed he said his pastor had told him that God had sent His son to die on the cross so that people can have health, wealth and prosperity. However he had never heard of sin or righteousness.

“You can have your best life now!” said the visitor.

“That is a different gospel! That’s a lie from the pit of Naraka (hell)!” added an elder next to the pastor. “Even our children know that Jesus was the sacrifice for our sins and in this world the Bible says we shall go through many trials so as to build our faith in God. Did you come to Jesus so that you can get material and temporal things?”

The church of fifty members decided the state of Christianity in America was very troubling. At the shortest notice the church voted that they would send a group of five missionaries on an Evangelistic mission. They hope to reach New York by Christmas, which they anticipate will be the quietest time of the year. The congregation has sacrificially put together a small box of torn and worn out Bibles which they hope to distribute on arrival.

The Floating Axehead will keep you in touch with their missionary endeavours as soon as they reach Times Square New York with the gospel at “the quietest time of the year”.


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