Jehovah’s witnesses paratroop into gated community to hand out Watch Tower mags

Posted: February 17, 2017 in News, Satire
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HAMBURG, Germany – A secluded and gated community was rudely awakened this Saturday as a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses made a surprise visit. Well not to be deterred by the high gates and barbed wire fences the visitors armed with Watch Tower magazines took to the air and literally rained down.

The gated community thought to be inhabited by Amish settlers was delighted to receive the high flying paratroopers. In fact they were offered large mugs of fresh goat’s milk and large giant sized spicy currywurst sausages plus cheese cake before being kicked out – back into the heathen world.

The Floating Axehead also however did notice that there was a bonfire later that evening – from the glossy magazines left by the pesky ‘modernized visitors from above’.

Mid this week sausage loving youths from a local Evangelical church got armed with God has a wonderful plan for you tracts and are said to have tried out a similar para trooping antic.  However due to gale force winds ended up landing miles down hill in a camp site run by radical Jihadists -from the religion of peace.

Surely what could go wrong?

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