Australian pastor preaches from Quran in rare mixup

Posted: February 16, 2017 in Christianity, News, Satire
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CANBERRA, Australia – Life Valley church was treated to a message from a different text last Sunday but no one noticed. Wayne Riggs the pastor of the local church apologised in the mid week meeting explaining that he had accidentally misplaced his Bible on the local bus and picked up another commuter’s book thought to be a Quran.

Not realising the difference since the two books looked alike while he was running late he had hastily proceeded to church and even preached a rather lengthy sermon. The gaffe was only realised when Pastor Riggs’ teenage daughter was tiding up the next day and saw a book with a strange name on it.

“Well, it doesn’t matter which text you use. We all end up in the same place,” said Shirley who has attended the church for the last fifteen years.

When contacted by The Floating Axehead, Pastor Riggs was relieved that his gaffe had gone down well. He said he is really lucky and thanks God that most people in his congregation are laid back and don’t read or carry their Bibles to church.


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