Youth pastor apologizes for using Darth Vader mask to get children to say ‘sinner’s prayer’

Posted: February 14, 2017 in Christianity, Satire
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20130915-000429.jpg PARIS- A youth pastor was quite remorseful this Sunday after one of his means and methods of getting children saved came under scrutiny. Four weeks ago the creative pastor was concerned that the children in his class were not interested in the things of God.

“It’s just like these kids are dead in sin. We have tried all games on Sundays, pizza parties, paintball games and even bought computer games for them to play during Sunday school but none of them is interested in Christian things,” said Jean Claude. ” So I decided I will make them get saved by my purpose driven means and methods.”

“I was told that if given the right conditions and moods one can induce a sinner to start becoming godly. So I borrowed a sound track from a horror movie and got this Darth Vader outfit.  My whole Sunday school class got saved that day and said the sinner’s prayer by repeating after me!”

However the parents heard of the strange methods of conversion and Jean Claude was at loss of words as to which Bible verse gave him such a pragmatic justification. In fact two weeks later all his ‘converts’ had backslidden and didn’t want to come to church any more. Some say they even became seven times worse than what they were before.

When contacted by The Floating Axehead, Jean Claude was rather perplexed that his class of children had shrunk. We asked him what he was up for the next Sunday. We even suggested that Iron man and Man of Steel outfits were on discount in the store down town. He didn’t want to hear any of it.

“Well,” he said, “I just think I will stick to preaching the gospel. Unless God changes a man from the inside by the power of His Holy Spirit it is impossible to awaken them from their sin, not even Darth Vader can.”


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