90 year old “friendship evangelist” finally gets to share gospel with best friend on death bed

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Christianity, Satire
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ALBERTA, Canada – A World War II veteran finally got to preach the gospel to a long time friend of his this week. Douglas Keenan, a 90 year old Christian, said he was over joyed to finally share the gospel with his long time friend and fellow veteran Jim Slecker.

” I do ‘friendship evangelism,'” explained Douglas, “which means you first become good friends with some one before you give them the gospel.”

Douglas and Jim have been just like two peas in a pod till Douglas recently was taken ill and admitted to hospital. Seeing that he was getting frailer as the days went by he had finally called Jim to his side.

Jim apparently was not amused at the end of the meeting. When contacted by The Floating Axehead he looked rather unsettled, “I think the medication they are giving Doug is making him see things. We have been friends since teenage and has never told me he goes to church or is even a Christian. We went fishing, had barbecues and birthdays together. Now out of the blue he tells me that we are sinners and need Jesus. Such messages are very offensive!”

Douglas on the other hand smiled when contacted. He says he now has nothing to lose so got the courage to finally share the gospel for the first time. When asked if he was going to continue with “friendship evangelism” for his second witness encounter, a wide eyed Douglas Keenan blurted, “you must be kidding!”


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