Famous Televangelist appeals for funds so as to go on Space tour.

Posted: February 10, 2017 in Christianity, Satire
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space_tourismCHARM CITY, North – With the race to launch a new space tourism program around the corner, there has been a new development. Pastor Pete K. Pollypot a famous televangelist with a major Christian network has made heart felt plea on live television appealing for funds to go on the maiden luxurious space tour. The renowned man of God challenged viewers that it was time the world saw what Christians can do with their money.

“It will make them wonder what is going on in church and want to come and join us!” exclaimed Popo (as he is called by his followers). Popo promised that for every $150 gift he received he would send a handkerchief with his own sweat imprinted on the center. This would also double as a prayer cloth and constant reminder that God wanted an anointed man to go into space.

Some skeptics say this is just a get rich quick scheme. However by noon last Tuesday the accountants for Popos ministry reported that they were inundated by such an overwhelming show of support that they had run out of handkerchiefs.

This morning  the Pollypot Ministries website announced that Mr Pollpot would just send a email with a photo of a sweat stained handkerchief to every donor who sends anything less than $250. The Floating Axehead could not access the above website but we appeal for calm as there is nothing new under the sun.


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