‘Church for the Unchurched’ finally decides after 3 gruelling days on who is more important – Pastor or Amp machine?

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Christianity, Satire
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mixing in churchCHARM CITY – After three difficult days of intense debate and theological martial arts the new  ‘Church for the Unchurched’ has finally settled its first conundrum by having to let go of their founder and pastor.

A statement was released through twitter to great applause and re tweets (not to mention multiple hash tags) by the deacons of the predominantly fun loving congregation. Apparently the recent debate came about because the cost of running and amplifying the heavy duty hi-fi turbo bass equipment came to around the same cost as maintaining a pastor.

‘No disrespect but why have a church with a rocking #amp and thumping #soundsystem that you can’t enjoy? Sorry but we just had to let go of #thepastor!’

However word in the grape vine is that some members are still not comfortable with the name ‘church’ – they have now decided to call their weekly hideout ‘the club’.  This has not gone down well as another section are advocating for a slicker name – something more progressive, wholesome and exciting like ‘The Amp Club’.

So, to ‘The Amp Club’ it will be this Sunday!


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