Televangelist faith healer visits Intensive Care Unit and heals all patients

Posted: February 8, 2017 in Christianity, Satire
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Empty Hospital Wards

Empty Hospital Wards

KAPETOWN – A televangelist called Benni Timm is said to have put doctors on forced leave after emptying a hospital ward. The man of God strolled into the city’s main referral hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and just spoke one word and the patients rose out of their beds.

“I always used to ask where are faith healers when you need them,” said the head nurse. “This time I was coming to the end of my night shift and in walked this guy. He just walked in and picked up the announcement microphone and said, ‘Patients, pick up your beds and walk!'”

The Floating Axehead will definitely provide this man’s Facebook, Youtube and Twitter links to you – umm…but for a small premium fee.

Er, well….what made you think we provide free services?


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