Pastor cancels sermon so that youths can testify about getting ‘Grand Theft Auto’ video games.

Posted: February 7, 2017 in News, Satire
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LIVERPOOL, England – The members of Laodicea Baptist Church were treated to an extra ordinary church service this week. Some had come expecting to hear the word of God preached as is always done on Sundays but it was not to be. The new pastor said it had been a week of great happenings and called on young people to come forward to give testimonies.

Six hours later there was still a long queue. Bleary eyed young men were walking forward to testify of having managed to get a copy of the latest addictive video game – Grand Theft Auto!

“I would like to thank God that he has given us the desires of our hearts!” said one teenager. Another recounted how he had been fasting and praying for the latest series.

Some older members of the church were rather not amused.

“I think we are breeding a materialistic generation,” said one pensioner, “This is just a sign of the times we are living in.”

The pastor finally wrapped up the service by asking the young people to bring copies of their games and after laying hands on the games, prayed that God’s blessings would be upon the games. With a loud “Amen!” the service was over. The Floating Axehead is still musing over these events.


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