Church fires worship leader for not choosing any danceable worship hymn

Posted: February 7, 2017 in Christianity, Music, Satire
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CHARM CITY- A church had to make a drastic decision this week and let go of it’s worship leader after realising a shift in his selection of Sunday service hymns.

“It was just unacceptable! Can you believe there was no danceable song?” exclaimed the lead pastor. “Most of the young people were wondering where our usual entertainment crew had gone. I just had to draw a line under this gaffe.”

The culprit seems to have been a young man called Jeremy.

When approached by The Floating Axehead Jeremy was rather surprised with the decision.

“The previous week we had a worship song that said ‘Let’s go’ seventeen times and at the end of the chorus I just had to shout ‘Glory!’ This week I thought I would bring in a few reverential traditional hymns,” explained the lad.

“Obviously I now need to get my position back as worship leader after my mistake. Never will I bring those hymns in again! First off my list will be “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” plus “And Can It Be That I should Gain an Interest in The Saviour’s Blood”…those are career killing hymns!”

Next Sunday’s worship song list has been leaked and definitely has the all too popular hits “Drop it down, down, down” and “Yes,no… Yes,no…Yes, yes. No”!


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