Sit down strike by Worship leader paralyses NYC Church

Posted: February 6, 2017 in Music, Satire
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CHARM CITY, New Old York – An inner city church found itself at a stand still when it’s worship leader went on a sit down strike. The congregation that relies heavily on laser lights, smoke screens and high octane music could not start the Sunday service as no one in the congregation knew any alternative hymns.

“I kind of usually rely on the worship leader to put us in the mood. Every one was ready this morning. I had just picked up my Starbucks coffee from the lounge and was coming to get seated when my music producer spoke in my ear piece and said there will be no show,” said Tim Higgins the distraught pastor of the congregation.

“This is quite embarrassing for the pastor. We feel the worship leader is more important that the pastor, ” said Jean Claude a front row church member. Another church member reported, “No one in the audience knew how to use the voice auto tuner or even start the smoke machine. So we just decided to all meet at the back in the coffee shop and after emptying the latte and espresso coffee machines, we all did hi fives with the worship leader and went home.”

When contacted by The Floating Axehead Pastor Higgins says he now agrees with the rest that the music should become the highlight of the Sunday service and is now contemplating cutting down his sermons to five minute pep talks.


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