Award winner says Christian Hit is not a Worship song but for his girl friend

Posted: February 5, 2017 in Music, Satire
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LOS ANGELES, California – A song that has made it to the top of Contemporary Christian Music charts has suddenly been dropped after the main soloist announced that it wasn’t a worship song.

D.J Trickstar the composer and singer of the song ‘I give my heart to you’ received nominations for best Gospel artist, Worship Song of the year and Inspirational Song of the year awards.

“Well I am not even a Christian. I am surprised my song has received such diverse support. I am just a simple Bhuddist who loves his girl friend so I wrote this song for her,” explained the popular D.J.

Some church leaders were not bothered to hear that the writer is not even Christian.

“Er, it works for us. We have been using the song as a worship song in church for months. It’s a nice song that makes us feel good – even new comers to church love it,” explains Tony a pastor in downtown Los Angeles.

“Come to think of it the song actually doesn’t mention God or Jesus. I think it’s ambiguous. But since every one likes it and we some how got rid of our hymn books, we will just have to continue with it and add ‘Lord’ at the beginning of the song,” said another pastor who preferred anonymity.

Some critics say this is just becoming a common trend with Evangelicals who have become squishy and too sentimental having a low and warped view of God. They think Jesus is their boyfriend and there is no reverence in worship nor majesty attributed to Him in their praise and worship.

The Floating Axehead climbed to the top of the Countdowns to get hold of the tear jerking lyrics of the hit (umm worship) song but due to contractual and copy right laws can only publish the first verse. With your tissues ready in hand, here it is:

Oh how I want you to hold me,
I feel so lonely,
Tell me again you love me,
Make me realise the champion within,
I feel so lo-o-onely,
And I will give my heart to you,
Let me look into your deep blue eyes,
I will then give my heart to you

CHORUS: Oh I still feel lonely (repeat eight times)


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