When your pastor cancels church because of Super Bowl or Wrestlemania.

Posted: February 4, 2017 in Christianity, Church growth methods, Pastors gone wild
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sarcastic look

That look…

Yup, I am practicing a look. You see it comes to that time every so often when Wrestlemania, World Cup or Super Bowl comes around on a Sunday and some pastors are torn between the glamour and allure of “Sportendom” and well… God. Needless to say these are very trying times for many half committed hirelings. Seriously! Saturday night comes and they are in major panic mode and cruising to hash tag system overload. Do they call people to worship the next day or do they look for a loop hole and use a politically correct or socially acceptable term and cancel church service all together?

Indeed the excuses over the years have been many ranging from we want to be “moving with the times”, “be more relevant”.  Of course if you have a mega church with half committed folk you wouldn’t want to upset some of those Wrestlemania fans who feel it’s actually a lot better being some where else on the Lord’s day or the football lovers who never walk with a Bible to church but feel they have a sense of spiritual urgency to kick back. So, many indeed were the first to ask a few years back – that what’s wrong when…..

“We’re moving service times for the Big Game,” reads a bold message on the NewSpring Church website.

“We know the game is important so we’re moving the service times to better fit your schedule,” says the megachurch,

which canceled Saturday night services at four locations and won’t have night services at all on Sunday. “This will allow us to reach more people that week and give you more opportunities to invite your friends and family,” it adds.

Truth is there’s nothing wrong with the games or with “the game” but if I went to church with my kids and grand mum to listen to the humble preaching of God’s Word and the supposed shepherd  cancels the worship service because he feels the church had better spend time feeling the pulse of the prevailing culture, then I would give him “that look”.

The look simply says, now let me give you a few minutes of my precious God given time as I listen with all earnesty and patience as you explain to me how you in your folly have found something so profound and magnificent and of eternal value that I should put before God …

Oh yes, and I am practicing “that look” -with one eye brow higher than the other -for the next Sunday when Superbowl or Wrestlemania or World Cup comes around again! The kids are some how actually getting better at it than I am at giving ‘that look’.

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