Radical IS fighter recites wrong New Year’s prayer?

Posted: December 26, 2016 in Christianity, News, Satire
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A radical who belongs to the little known group called the Italics Spate (not to be confused with any other group) recited a very thought provoking prayer while reading from a teleprompter just before he drew out his sword to destroy his enemies. However after a sobering rethink his hearers realised he had been reading from the “wrong script”.
It read:

Lord God Almighty, our Creator,
As we gather in your presence
We celebrate our existence,
We rejoice to be alive.
Teach us to understand more and more profoundly
That every human life is sacred,
Whether it belongs to an unborn infant
Or to a handicapped child
Or to a disabled adult;
To people who live next door or to those who live far away…
Help us to see each other with your eyes,
So that we may reverence, preserve and sustain your gift of life in them
And use our own lives more faithfully in your service….

Upon which his wide eyed hearers shouted in bewilderment,

“Wait a minute! Dude, who changed thy script?”

HT The sanctity of life – B. Hume.


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