Pastor gets locked out after preaching from Obadiah

Posted: April 7, 2016 in Christianity, Satire
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locked outMemphis, NYK – A local pastor found himself locked out of the church building after preaching from a book in the Bible.

“It was actually from Obadiah,” lamented a young front pew congregant, “I searched for the book for two hours and couldn’t find it. I think he just tricked us and that book doesn’t exist in the Bible.”

“This pastor has lost his way now. For how long can we stand this? I am so distressed I’ve got to see a therapist tomorrow”

The pastor returned for Bible study on Wednesday evening only to find the locks were double reinforced with smudges of concrete mixed with cement setting in the key holes. His keys all broke as he tried to force his way back into the church building.

It’s still not known if the issue has been resolved. Is this book really there in the Bible?

This stand off may go on for a while.

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