Pastor appeals to church: Let me be Easter Bunny or I resign!

Posted: March 21, 2016 in Church growth methods, Pastors gone wild, Satire
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bunnyMissacosta, WS – The pastor of a very popular church says he is considering tendering in his resignation if members  don’t send in enough tweets to answer the biggest dilemma of his career. This has now led to a stand off.

While preparing for this year’s Easter celebrations pastor Donogood reports, ” This year I want to take things to another level. I realise we now have large congregation and I want to keep every one happy and entertained – so I want to dress up as a bunny this Easter.”

“But my biggest dilemma is just I can’t decide whether to be dressed as a fuzzy bunny or a nifty hare. So I have had to turn to twitter and must get a vote count by Easter morning or I will resign.”

The tweets are already coming in – but there seem to be mixed feelings.

“Hey a fuzzy Easter bunny hopping up and down the aisle could touch a heart especially when the gospel fails,” said one tweet.

“May you go hippety hop like Nebuchadnezzar and may the good Lord keep you far far away from his church!” said another tweet.

Needless to say, the rather popular church is usually frequented by  celebrities and showbiz gurus. Last Christmas’ celebrations were brought to a premature end when a teenager entrusted with  procuring high quality dry ice for the smoke machine instead used military grade tear gas during a packed Christmas ballet dance-off competition. Fifty two dancers passed out with red eyes and twitching toes.

This final cyber stand off could go to the wire but  could it also just be the final tweetering straw that may break the bunny’s back?

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