The mice ate my sermon so there will be no Sunday service

Posted: February 20, 2016 in Satire

HOUSE_MOUSE__3578469bIf you go to Brussels you are most likely to find  that things happen by accident -but not all things that happen by ‘accident’ are accidents. Quite confusing you may say. Okay, let me explain. If you went to church on a Sunday and the pastor told you that his sermon was accidentally eaten the night before by a mouse what would you think? Well  listen to this…

Brussels officials have reportedly blamed “mice” for their inability to tackle chronic traffic jams, saying hungry rodents probably ate the original plans to improve underground tunnels in the Belgian capital.

As EU leaders convened for a summit to deal with British threats to quit the bloc and to discuss the refugee crisis, they found a city often in gridlock due to repeated closures of key road tunnels caused by crumbling concrete and years of decay.
Now the Belgian capital’s regional parliament has been told that repairs are being held up because original construction plans have apparently eaten by rodents.-The Telegraph

Nice excuse but try another one oh my dear Brusselites! Pahaha!

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