Congressman: Everything the Pope touches or spits on gets you closer to heaven.

Posted: October 3, 2015 in Christianity, Jesus gave me money, Pastors gone wild, Politics
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Brady-compressedApparently everything the Pope touches gets you closer to God and notches points for you in heaven. Even his saliva. Well following the pontiff’s trip to America here comes a bizarre story

WASHINGTON — A Pennsylvania Congressman is raising eyebrows after he snatched the half-full water glass of the Roman Catholic pontiff known as Francis following his speech before Congress, and then sipped from it out of his belief that the water was now “blessed” because the pope touched it.

“Anything the pope touches becomes blessed,” Pennsylvania Rep. Bob Brady (D-Philadelphia) told The Washington Post. “I think so and no one is going to change my mind.”

According to reports, after the pontiff left the Congressional chamber following the conclusion of his speech on Thursday, Brady walked to the lectern and took Francis’ glass, which he noted had been drank from three times during his address to Congress.

Brady then carried the glass back to his office, where he took a sip from it. He then offered a drink to his wife Deborah and two staffers, who also took photos of the occasion.

That’s not all ….

The Congressman then called Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey (D) and told him that he had the glass. Casey brought along his wife and mother, and the three dipped their fingers in the remaining water.

Brady told the Philadelphia Daily News that he poured the remaining water into a bottle and plans on using it to “bless” his grandchildren.

See? if any of you ever get to heaven just look for the dude who got there by virtue of the Pope’s saliva! 🙂

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