Moment church kid finally discovers that the Holy spirit is not a force…

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Satire
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Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.01.12A young man who has attended church ever since he was a little ankle biter finally realised that he has been wrong on a few things. Elkanyi finally picked up a bible and as he was reading and doing some rare bible study when he made a remarkable discovery.

“I always thought the Holy Spirit was this force that comes rushing and knocks people over,” explained the bewildered young man, “The Bible actually says he is a person! ”

A selfie taken two seconds later is all that was recorded of this epiphany moment. It’s still not known if the enthusiastic lad will attend the planned afternoon revival meeting where the visiting preacher promises to unleash the Holy Spirit and get people slain and drunk in the spirit.

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