Fun loving pastor parties in wrong ‘rainbow parade’ in rare mixup

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Pastors gone wild
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IMG_4974-1 CENTRAL, City – An urban church in the City decided to have a get together in the park last week. However the venue of the event got mixed up with another out door event.

“We actually didn’t notice we had joined the wrong party until the end of the day,” explained the pastor who had offered to give the deacons and their families a lift in the church bus.

“We asked the youth to plan a memorable get together that would impact our City and the youth had suggested that they would do a Biblical theme but would keep the details secret till the big day”

“Well when the day came we kind of arrived early in the morning and joined this vibrant and colourful parade that had a huge rainbow flag. We actually thought this was a Noah’s Ark themed party with rainbows and people walking hand in hand in pairs!”

The parade took a detour through the City Center with more people joining in as the music got louder and then danced through some dark alleys and local pubs but the deacons thought it was all part of the big surprise.

The pastor explained that when the revelry was then reaching a fever pitch at 11 pm with the crowd getting even bigger by the hour that he suspected something could be wrong.

“I then called the youth group leader on his mobile phone as I hadn’t seen him the whole day and that is when he told me he had planned a surprise prayer and bible study meeting and it had even ended long before the afternoon began. Every one had attended except me and the deacons!”

“He then asked me where I was!”

The rainbow flag dropped from the pastor’s hand as he immediately rounded up his small troupe and made a hasty exit into the night.

It is still not known which group this was that had a parade on the same day as the church but as soon as The Floating Axehead finds out we will surely let you know.


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