Christian ballerina dance group finally dances the gospel.

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Church growth methods, Pastors gone wild, Worship band antics
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IMG_4836.JPGNorthern, City- A popular ballerina group that is said to be a brain child of a local church has announced a major break through in evangelism.

Explaining the ground breaking event was Tom one of the male ballerinas.

“We intend to spread this out to more churches. Some times people just don’t like being preached to but a little dance can warm the heart when the preaching of the gospel fails. I believe if the apostles had thought of getting tutus and doing ballerina dances they would have been more popular!”

“Well, we just wanted to be able to dance the gospel so we got this rhythm and got massive applauses even from atheists – they just completely got it!”

So then, this Sunday how else will the heathen know the gospel if no one dances for them? How will they understand if no one dons tutus?

Dear evangelists, pastors and missionaries use the latest cutting edge marketing strategy and be the first to dance and twirl the gospel for the fields are ready for harvest!

Warm their hearts!


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