Visiting pastor gets chokeslammed from pulpit for preaching fiery sermon

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Christianity, Church growth methods, Pastors gone wild
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chokeslamsCHARM CITY, Tekyo – A church known to be an amusement and entertainment hub in the western suburbs of the city got more than they had asked for when a visiting pastor preached a barn burning sermon this last weekend. The visiting preacher said to be from possibly North Korea was given the pulpit as their usual pastor  had gone on a four month vacation to the Bahamas.

Mr Kyo, the visiting pastor, began by saying he was amazed at how liberal and laid back the congregation was. He decried how the church was only focusing on material wealth and personal gain which is quite different from what he was used to in the part of the world he was from.

“I see you have many programmes for the week ranging from surfing classes, weightloss programmes and cooking competitions  but no Bible study?”

He then went on to preach a memorable  fiery sermon on sin and admonished the church to wake up and stir up the things that are apparently dead and forgotten in it’s midst by returning to sound doctrine.

At this point the deacons and young men seated at the back could take it no longer.

Running at him with one accord while gnashing their teeth lifted the lanky man of God up into the air and choke slammed him through the plexiglass pulpit.

“In these modern times you can’t use words like “sin” and “repent” in our all inclusive church!” said a deacon, “It is very unloving of him. In fact he  almost scared away some of our new visitors!”

The Floating Axehead will try to verify these accounts and keep you uptodate with any developments in this fast moving story.


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