Pastor gets wireless headset microphone and chats for 9 hours nonstop.

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Christianity, Pastors gone wild, Satire
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headset microphonesCHARM CITY, Chica – A local pastor was delighted when mid week his dynamic sound team introduced a new gadget to their armory -a wireless headset microphone! So, come Sunday morning the chatty and enthusiastic minister took to his pulpit at 10 a.m to enjoy the untold wonders of the wireless challenge.

Nine hours later he was still going on and on – had it not been for the batteries finally running out at 7.02 pm.

A bleary eyed choir member is said to have remarked at the end of the service to the minister, “Oh! The joys of modern innovations!”

The Floating Axehead will let you know what happened next here.



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