The Butchered Bible becomes a Bestseller because “it has many verses missing”!

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Christianity
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20140625-144525-53125468.jpgCHARM CITY, Shenfield – A new Bible, The Butchered Bible, released recently had sold out within days. Many churches have opted to adopt the new version saying it is not as offensive as other editions.

“We really welcome this new bible,” said an excited pastor with a beautiful floral rainbow coloured tie. “Some sections have been cut out and edited to make it more relevant to it’s audience. We do hope that it is even edited further in the next coming months!”

An example of a passage that has been edited is 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9. It now reads only as:

“Do you not know?”

Many enthusiasts say the new Bible can almost be read cover to cover during a tea break. No more lengthy narratives. No more rebuking and judgemental verses.

“I read my bible and completed it before bed time yesterday. It took me just one and a half hours!” Remarked one young man who already has a copy.

Despite all efforts of The Floating Axehead to get a copy of this maverick Bible it is absolutely sold out in major outlets! We will keep you upto date with any new developments.

In the mean time stick to the version you have got.


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