Come to our church this Sunday and watch World Cup in 3D while listening to the sermon

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Celebrity pastors, Church growth methods, Pastors gone wild, Satire
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20140609-172420-62660139.jpgCHARM CITY, Central – In typical fashion the soccer season has commenced with a bang and a popular church in the city has decided to make a bigger bang by inviting people to watch World Cup during Sunday service.

“We bought four giant 3D TV screens so that people can watch World Cup live as the sermon is going on in the pulpit. Well what more can I say?” Explained the senior pastor.

“We realised some people love soccer so much and cannot take time to attend Worship on Sundays so we decided to get this solution and make them happy. It works very well. I can’t believe we hadn’t thought of this all along.”

“As we modify our church services for the 21st century we are realising we need to compromise on many things. After a recent survey we have decided on expanding the church building to fit in a smoking section and a bar to enhance the general experience, ” added the excited pastor.

However many critics are amazed that a church that was so firmly rooted in the gospel has become so seeker sensitive. Others were irked that there seems to be no reverence for God in His house.

Replying to his critics the lead pastor sent out a tweet: Go away haters! Do not touch the lord’s anointed. Some times a 3 D television screen can warm a heart when the gospel fails #hashtag #double hashtag

Well, when we hear more on the developments in this church we will update you here.


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