First edition of Christian celebrity and gossip tabloid magazine sells out on day of release!

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Celebrity pastors, Church growth methods, Pastors gone wild, Satire
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christian gossip magazinesCHARM CITY, L.A – A new Christian tabloid magazine that focuses on glamour, sleaze and gossip has sold out within hours of release of  its first edition. A church bookstall reported that people had camped out for days to get copies of the gossip tabloid called Vanity for the vain.

“We were quite overwhelmed by the demand for Vanity for the vain,” reported the excited bookstall owner, “we actually had to remove Bibles from the shelves so as to create more space. This is definitely good business!”

It’s still perplexing how a magazine that focuses on materialism and well (umm) vanity can have such a large hungry audience in the Christian marketfield.

One lady who bought several copies for her family members gladly offered to answer a few questions on the trendy magazine.

“I am totally so excited! The magazine has relevant trivia questions we will use in our bible study. Look here on the first page it asks ‘who was the first pastor to have a tattoo in the pulpit while  being cheered on by the congregation?’ This is just what we have been looking for!” explained the lady.

“And in the middle section we have a Christian horoscope and Christian yoga pull out page! While the last page is my favorite … it’s about saucy gossip and sleaze in the vine yard. Kind of like wink wink and nudge nudge stuff for we ladies to ‘pray about’ if you know what I mean.”

It is believed that due to public demand the editors have had to produce more copies for Hispanic and French speaking audiences.

When we get an opportunity to interview the innovative editors of this new tabloid, The Floating Axehead will feature it right here!


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