Easter: Urban church fills up as crowds come to take ‘selfies’ with cross

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Celebrity pastors, Church growth methods, Pastors gone wild, Satire
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CHARM CITY, Salem – An urban city church took to a new church marketing trend upon advice of a marketing consultant. The trendy church set up a cross and called on visitors and socialites to share ‘in the spirit of Easter’ by taking photos beside the piece of wood.

The crowd got overwhelmingly large that the Good Friday service had to be cut short. Social media outlets were filled with ‘selfies’ of the congregation.

The senior pastor however reassured the excited congregation that the cross will be available on Easter Sunday.

“We won’t have any sermon on Sunday,” announced the pastor, “due to public demand the pulpit will be moved out of the way so that the people can do whatever they want! We are a church for the people and we will do everything to keep the numbers up!”

The news was greeted with cheers. It’s all going down this Easter!


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