Hiphop kangaroo helps church choose new worship leader in rap competition

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Satire


CHARM CITY, Nyc – A church in the city recently held a rap competition to decide who would be the ultimate worship leader. With two contestants finally going neck and neck the quite unorthodox contest was getting hard to call.

“We were quite stressed. We couldn’t decide who rapped or danced better,” reported the Senior pastor, “so we chose to use a hip hop dancing kangaroo to make the final decision.”

“The music loving kangaroo just kicked one of the contestants off the stage and we knew God had helped us decide. Yeah, we give all the glory to this kangaroo,” added one of the deacons.

However there has been some form of unrest recently. Some youths are asking for a rematch – as one section of the church think that the twitchy free styling marsupial may have been having a seizure when it bundled off one of the contestants. The contest continues this Sunday morning.


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