‘Song of Solomon’ Blockbuster movie out and sells out in all City Cinemas.

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Christianity, Church growth methods, Satire
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CHARM CITY, Oilywood – Cinemas across the city have run out of tickets for the latest Bible adaptation movie. It’s said this movie is going to be bigger than all other Bible adaptations on Noah or Moses.

Churches and various social clubs have bought out batch tickets and in some suburbs youth groups are camping out in front of cinemas a week in advance singing songs and waiting for the doors to open.

The story line has been a tightly kept secret that even the actors had to sign non disclosure agreements eight months before filming began.

“I sold my bike to get enough money to get a ticket,” said one excited teenager at one of the ticket stalls, “but that was not enough. So I chucked in my Bible and traded it too. When my dad saw how desperate I was he sold our cat and topped up for my ticket.”

“I have a job interview on Friday but I will go for the movie instead,” said a lady who had just got the last ticket online before the website crashed.

With all the frenzy in the city a couple of people have already been wondering if the movie will be suitable for children.

“No worries what can go wrong? It’s based on stories in the Bible,” replied a ticket teller with a rainbow t-shirt.

The Floating Axehead will let you know as soon as the first reviews of the Blockbuster movie are out or even when it’s most awaited sequel Lamentations will be out.

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