Man wins right to marry his cat – gets funding from International organisations.

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Christianity, Satire
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cat weddingCHARM CITY, West – A man has finally won the right to marry his six month old kitten after a long battle with city courts. He immediately received funding for the soon to be announced wedding with various international organisations proposing to fund the big day for the groom and pet.

“I am grateful that marriage can be redefined to become inclusive of any relationship. I can finally get to formalize our relationship,” said the relieved man. “It’s good to see that we now live in a free modern society where people can practice what ever they feel is morally right in their own eyes and marry whoever they love.”

The case has been a first for the city and the next question is going to be who will make the cake for the big occasion and in which church will the wedding take place. However there is still another raging battle …

“You see, my biggest battle is yet to come. It will be when I face the lawyers to draw up the pre-nuptial agreement,” added the young man. “So far the kitten’s lawyers have made very stringent stipulations. They demand that I shall never look at other stray cats or even think of feeding them. This will of course be very tough for me.”

When asked where he intends to go for his honey moon: ” Easy, we will be going to Ugan…”

The phone conversation got cut in mid-sentence.


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