Man Utd fans appeal to Pope for prayers.

Posted: February 26, 2014 in News, Satire
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CHARM CITY, New Trafford – Fans of Man Utd in the city have appealed to the Pope and several religious leaders to set a day and pray for their club.

“I think we should change our name, ” said one fan who is apparently convinced that the Red Devils may have come upon ill fortune because of their name.

“May be we are being punished for all those years of success when we devoured teams in the last minute,” opined a distraught teary teenager. “Nowadays we don’t even get Fergie time!”

No one seems to know why a team that has always performed so well seems to flap and flounder in the face of weak opposition.

The highly animated meeting ended early however when a little boy in the corner suggested the irate and anxious fans switch their allegiances to Southampton.

“Why?” chorused the crowd.

“Uh, they are ‘the Saints’ – Isn’t it?”

There’s never an end to scrambled news in this city!


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