Noah 2: Methuselah survives flood and kills Noah!

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Christianity, Satire
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stormCHARM CITY- In a new development, due to public demand the sequel to the latest block buster which is yet to be released has a twist. Noah 2 is said to be a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat biting your nails.

The movie is said to be so full of adrenaline infused action. One of the characters -a muscle ripped giant called Methuselah is said to have survived Noah’s flood and then kills Noah in the first two minutes of the movie according to a spoiler leaked on Youtube. The trailer is said to have induced a couple of heart attacks in pre release showings alone. No one knows what the ending is like as every one involved in the project has had even their grand parents  and neighbours sworn to secrecy.

“We realised people love fiction more than truth and due to public demand we decided to begin  a new spin off series,” said Jon – the much sought after film producer.

“Some churches are already asking us for the material to use as sermon series and Bible study guides. This will definitely replace the Bible and make us re think many things that we always thought were Biblical. Yes, I am thrilled about this movie!”

What’s stranger than fiction? In Charm City there are always dazzling lights and there will always be thrills…. this time we are ready for action!


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