Church cancels Sunday service so as to watch game of Curling

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Pastors gone wild, Satire
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Curling gameCHARM CITY – As the week begins in the city of lights and thrills, a local church decided to break from tradition and converted their main pulpit into a Curling arena.

“We realised we needed a break from listening to the preaching from the word of God,”said the excited pastor of the urban church as he cleaned his broom.

“After watching the recent Winter Olympic games our congregation wanted to do something together that would cheer every one up. We first bought a big flat screen television so as to watch the basics of the game of Curling but later decided to create our own arena. One of the deacons got the sliding stones, a couple of young people fetched some good brooms and soon every one was cheering.”

The pastor’s wife explained further: “We also thought we have to be inclusive and show Curlers that we love their game. You see what if when you die you are not allowed to get into Heaven unless you know how to play Curling? We just had to cover all bases.”

It is not known if this is going to be a regular occurrence but rumor has it that wrestling fans feel left out already and this week there will be an emergency deacon’s meeting to resolve the urgent emergency.


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