Will Google support persecuted Christians as much as it has thrown its weight behind LGBT in Sochi?

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Christianity, Satire
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Google logoCHARM CITY- After multi billion dollar franchise Google decided to brow beat Mr Putin over the rights of LGBT Olympians in Sochi by  changing it’s logo to a rainbow of colours, Christians in persecuted nations can now begin to rejoice that they too will get the same unreserved backing.

Oh yeah, do expect to see a cross symbol very soon! Surely also expect a couple of hundred millions to be injected into humanitarian organisations supporting the plight of some of those in concentration camps, living in caves running from beast and gunfire because of their Christian beliefs. Now here comes a big guy who is not afraid to poke a finger into the noses of those obnoxious tyrants and bullies. No?


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