Youth group burns down church building accidentally while trying to recreate Grammy song

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Church growth methods, Satire, Worship band antics
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14269509_BG5CHARM CITY – A group of young and restless church youth while trying to rehearse a song they had seen on television ended up razing the building to the ground. Apparently they had been watching the recent Grammys searching for new ideas on how to make their church grow.

“Er, that’s true. We just wanted to be relevant. We saw this wicked fire dance on television and thought if we did it too in our Sunday worship service it would attract more people to church,” explained Tim, a teenager who was found on the scene, “but of course the fire got out of hand!”

“You see, some times a good ritual fire dance can warm the heart were the gospel fails,” explained the twitchy teen before making a hasty exit as the fire fighters arrived.

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