‘Praying’ squirrel brings in multitudes to local church during church growth seminar

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Christianity, News, Satire
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CHARM CITY- A local church that has been devising ingenious ways of attracting new members soon found its doors bursting at the hinges when a youth pastor smuggled in a squirrel. The timid looking rodent soon became popular when some one remarked that it appeared as though the little creature was praying. Soon school children and farmers from the nearby villages came streaming in to ‘attend church’ …and see the ‘praying squirrel’.

“Well I must say we have been over whelmed with visitors that we have had to cut out bible study and shortened our sermons so that we can spend some more time with the squirrel!’ exclaimed the excited lead pastor of the church.

“Surely God must have sent this squirrel as an answer to our prayers. This increase in numbers is surely a revival!’ said a deacon who preferred anonymity.’

“Sometimes when the gospel is not enough we surely need gimmicks like this to warm the heart,” he added.

The Floating Axehead has received news that the recently turned mega church may soon change it’s name to ‘church of the squirrel’ to rhyme with it’s new found fame if only a consensus can be reached. You see, there are some members who think the squirrel may actually be adopting a Kung fu stance so a fitting name would be ‘church of the Kung fu fighting and praying squirrel’- in which case this would make the church more appealing to more fun loving young people.

Some sceptics have suggested that the lonely squirrel is merely shivering because of the cold wintertime weather.

Needless to say if a decision is not reached soon enough every body will go nuts!


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