Church Christmas party goes awry as Santa fails to turn up….but Krampus does!

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Christianity, Satire
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krampusCHARM CITY – A church organizing a children’s Christmas party for the city’s rich and noble children saw it’s plans spinning out of control when Santa didn’t turn up. Well that did not seem to amuse the officials who had hired the largest hall in the city for the occasion.

The youth pastor David who was tasked with getting an emergency entertainer duly complied by using an app on his smart phone to invite a ‘special Santa from Austria you will never forget.’

Needless to say the special visitor did come…and ended the partying!

The arrival of  scary long tailed beast like ugly ogre – Krampus wiped away any smiling faces.

One bemused passerby was heard to remark, “well that rude awakening should let that church realize who Christmas is all about. Whatever happened to God becoming man and being born in a manger? Whatever happened to Jesus being the reason for the season?”

“I didn’t know who Krampus was,” retorted a bewildered youth pastor when a bunch of angry parents turned up for explanations. “I just thought he gives out gifts and presents like Santa! I didn’t know he eats up naughty children!”

The Floating Axehead will keep you uptodate as to what happened to Santa and his flying rein-deers or could it be that he may turn up at Easter with Easter bunnies?


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