If Russell Crowe is Noah, I wonder who will be Samson?

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Satire
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arnold-schwarzeneggerCHARM CITY – Two lads were over heard in a church foyer as they engaged in a deep animated theological debate.

Dude One: Man, have you watched the latest Noah movie? It is deep…very deep. I learnt things that the Bible was silent about.

Dude Two: Yup, some times the Bible is just not cool enough. But Russell just killed it man! He nailed it real good! I think we can do a sermon series on that movie. I wish they do another one soon on Samson.

Dude One: (In a whisper) But now who will play Samson?

Dude Two:  Uh huh! … I’ll be back (Exits).


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