Church pet blessing service taken over by talkative macaw parrot

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Christianity, Satire
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CHARM CITY RIO- On Sunday, a local church held its first pet blessing service. The church which has just appointed a new maverick vicar was filled with disinterested cats, poodles and other domesticated pets.

Not many people approve of church services for pets. A number of church members had voiced some concerns saying that meeting together on the Lord’s day was for believers to corporately worship God and hear the preaching of the word but the introduction of new innovations would be a distraction.

Not to be deterred the new vicar went ahead with the church service. When the hymns were all done and the man of God was ascending to the pulpit to invoke his blessings, something odd happened! A colourful macaw parrot flapped in through the vestry window, circled round the church. It floated and twirled as it aimed for the front of the church.

The congregation was stunned by its elegance. It then seemed to form a sacred halo above the head of the vicar. But …Just before any poodle could blink, there was an explosive torrent of blue – green slimy doo-doo straight onto the head of the unfortunate vicar!

“Repent! Repent!” cried the parrot.”Repent! Repent!”

No one knows who the rightful owner of the mischievous fowl is.

A distraught vicar was seen chasing the bird up and down the aisle to the amusement of the now interested cats. It wasn’t long before a few passersby realised the hilarious developments and many came to watch the debacle – which duly ended up on Youtube and of course Facebook.

“Ha! Now here goes another man who should listen to an animal’s words of counsel like Balaam!” tweeted a cheeky deacon. The Floating Axehead will try to get an exclusive interview with the vicar about that day.

That foul Sunday!


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