Man finds list of people recently released from Purgatory!

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Satire
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CHARM CITY SCICILY- A man on his way to a local church stumbled upon a sacred list of people. It is claimed that the list is of people released from Purgatory in the recent couple of months.

“I was just walking on this corridor and the wind blew this paper into my path,” said Augusto. “I picked it up and saw this list. I saw a name I could recognise. My cousin was a rogue before he died. I was told he is in Purgatory but surely this is a confirmation that my prayers have now been answered. Well, I knew immediately these were names of people released from Purgatory!”

A crowd soon gathered to check and see if their departed relatives were on the list too. The now well worn list has been circulated among many delightened parishioners.

However some small controversy has also arisen this week after a woman found another list. It was from a debt collection office with a list of names in similar writing as the first list but only that it ended with “list continues on next page.”

The Floating Axehead is still at loss of words at these events. We will search high and low to verify the validity of these occurrences.


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